Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twitter Feed: July 25

I don't like the way the first two editions of this column have looked so let's try a different way.  As always, follow me @WalkOffWalk1.

-Courtesy of Bill Shaikin, Harris Poll recently conducted their yearly poll on Most Popular MLB franchises.  Atlanta held their customary third spot for the fourth consecutive season, finishing behind the Yankees and Red Sox (who have also been consistently #1 and #2).  The Mets and Phillies are also in the top ten among division rivals.  I have actually been a bit surprised with the road support the Braves have received this year, though according to this poll, I shouldn't have been.  I wonder, however, if the lack of Braves on TBS will eventually put the Braves into a slide down the poll.  For the complete poll, here's a link.

-Brandon Beachy made, what might be, his last rehab start according to DOB.  He went six innings for Gwinnett, giving up two hits and walking four compared to three strikeouts.  86 pitches, 51 strikes.  Not a wonderful outing, but good enough.  As I said yesterday, I am getting more interested in seeing Beachy this season if only to see what the Braves have with him.

-DOB also says that Fredi Gonzalez isn't considering moving Paul Maholm to the bullpen.  For what it's worth, lefties are hitting .203/.254/.271, an OPS that is .371 points lower than his split vs. right-handed hitters.  This isn't new.  Lefties have an OPS against Maholm of .603 throughout his career, .195 points lower the OPS righties have against Maholm.  Of course, due to the injury to Tim Hudson, that might be a moot point.

-Elsewhere, the Tigers signed Jair Jurrjens.  Yeah, that happened.  On the plus side, I can use my Jair tag!

-Jon Heyman points followers to a column by CBS's Danny Knobler.  In the article, Knobler contends that Atlanta was already keeping their toes warm in the starting pitching pool, but now might up their search.  There doesn't seem to be more than guessing here, which is astonishing because that's the work of a blogger.  He mentions Jake Peavy, which a lot of people have also mentioned.  I don't see Peavy as much of a fit, but I have been surprised before.

-The injury to Hudson was horrific.  Huddy has always been an easy guy to love.  You hate to see a guy potentially not have the opportunity to go out on his own terms.  Hopefully, he is able to get back out there and get a chance to get back on the mound.  It might not be with Atlanta, but if he pitches again, I don't care who he faces (Braves included)...I hope he has the best game of his career.  If he's not able to get back...superb career from one of baseball's true class acts.

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