Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twitter Feed: July 27

Happy Saturday all.

-Jim Bowden mentions that Kyle Lohse has been hot of late and should he be a trade target for the Braves?  The Brewers right-hander notably struggled to find a deal in the offseason after the Cardinals gave him qualifying offer.  He received 3 years, $33M right before the season from Milwaukee and they would need his permission to deal him this soon after signing a contract.  Doubt the Braves are interested in that contract, even if Lohse has been his usual decent self.

-In addition to the names of Lohse and Jake Peavy, Royals right-hander Ervin Santana was thrown around as a possible trade target, tweets Mark Bowman.  Ken Rosenthal says the Royals are interested in major-league ready talent.  Santana would be a rental and the Braves are unlikely to pay a premium for him and the Royals would need talent in return for Santana considering they can simply place a qualifying offer on him after the season.  Just don't see a match here.  Braves won't offer one of their ready starters for a guy they are unlikely to retain after this season.

-Too many have brought up Bud Norris as a possibility.  Yesterday,  spoke of how the Braves need a guy to put at the head of the rotation.  Norris screams average, okay, meh, not awful.  He is in badly need of a third pitch.  The slider is solid and something off-speed would do a lot for his 92-93 mph velocity, but his changeup is rarely used and often pulverized when it is.  If you are going to make a trade, shouldn't you make one for someone clearly better than Paul Maholm?

-Elsewhere, Jayson Stark's sources make it clear the Braves are unlikely to acquire a starter because Frank Wren is not willing to pay the price.  Bowman says he is.  Rosenthal says the Braves likely won't.  WHO IS RIGHT?

-From DOB, both B.J. Upton and Jordan Schafer did their running before the game Friday.  For Upton, it was more of the same.  However, for Schafer it was a first.

-Finally, an Hudson update from Rosenthal.  The surgery Hudson went under was to repair fractured fibula and deltoid ligament in right ankle.  Takes about four months to rehab so he could be ready by December.  If he returns, he should have a good portion of the offseason at full health as he tries to secure employment for 2014.

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