Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Twitter Feed: July 23

New start to a ongoing column.  Welcome to the Twitter Feed where we look at news coming from tweets abou the Braves.  You can follow me @WalkOffWalk1
  • If you haven't seen Jason Heyward's ridiculously awesome catch from last night, the official Braves twitter has the video here.  I recently wrote about the move of Heyward to center, believing that he was the only option the Braves had with B.J. Upton out.  If you're curious, there is no way Jose Constanza or Reed Johnson make that grab.  I'm less sure if Upton does.  My gut tells me with Upton's range, speed, and experience in center, he would have got there.  The catch wouldn't have been nearly as memorable.  Some pile on Upton due to his offensive troubles, but his defense is still above-average.
  • MLB Reports has a link to their look at Braves payroll moving forward.  There's not a lot of info in the actual link, especially when you can visit Cot's for a far more in-depth look.  I do enjoy the contention that the Braves don't like to move runners over.  Not liking to do something is not the same as not being best suited to that one thing.  Atlanta would be failing to maximize their strengths by playing "move-the-runner-over."
  • According to 670 the Score, Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers appeared on the Mully & Hanley show in Chicago to say that it's a Jesse Crain to the Braves is a "done deal" if Crain proves himself to be healthy.  I've avoided doing a Trade Target on Crain because I've never bought into Atlanta being a true contender for Crain's services.  It's not that I don't believe he would be a wonderful pickup for the Braves or that I'm against getting him due to his right shoulder strain he suffered at the end of June.  Instead, I have felt the price would be prohibitive.  Crain looks like he will make it back before the end of the month.  This could get interesting.
  • In two separate tweets, David O'Brien said the Braves were possibly scouting the White Sox's Matt Lindstrom and Minnesota lefty Brian Duensing.  Lindstrom fits the mold of the rental, though the Braves could bring him back for $4M.  Rather than do that, I think they would probably pay the $500K to buy out the option (or even get the White Sox to fit the bill).  Lindstrom has been quite effective this season against righties, but has never been good against lefties (.768 OPS career, .975 this season).  Expensive price tag for a ROOGY.  Duensing was miscast for most of his career as a starter.  He's been better (I guess) this season with a 3.33 FIP.  His career splits indicate he is tough on lefties, though he has shown no platoon splits this season.  He earned $1.3M in his first year of arbitration.
  • Couple of tweets from Grant McAuley brought this information on Reed Johnson.  His go-ahead pinch-hit single was his eleventh hit as a pinch-hitter this season, good for second this season.  In 2011, Johnson led the league in pinch-hits with 18.
  • One more tidbit on Heyward's catch comes in nerdy goodness by Adam Burnett. "Heyward covered 96.2 feet in 3.9 seconds for the catch. That’s a speed of 16.8 MPH, or the pace of running a mile in 3.5 minutes."  

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