Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Service Time: Explaining One of Baseball's Nuances

Why would the Braves wait on bringing up Jose Peraza if he shows he belongs in the spring? Why can't a team send a guy down for one day to hold off his arbitration for another year? Why is Mike Minor arbitration eligible for the second of four times this year when most players only get three? In my most recent column at About.com, I look at one of the more confusing things in baseball - service time. Please give it a click to either challenge what you think you know or learn something that's always been a little odd to understand.

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Furthermore, you may have noticed if you are more than a casual reader that I have moved to my own domain at blog.walkoffwalk.net. I have bigger ideas down the road as well. In the mean time, you might click on a link that brings up a redirect page. It's completely safe. I may alter that, though. Kind of a hassle. But if you use a RSS reader, please update your reader for the new RSS feed. Thanks!

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