Monday, March 2, 2015

5 Reasons the Royals Aren't the Ideal Example for the Braves to Follow (About.com)

In the wake of the Royals' majestic postseason run in 2014 and the subsequent focus on an approach more in line with what many call a "small-ball" attitude, the Atlanta Braves have all but adopted a motto of "we want to be like KC." But are the Braves missing the boat? Will new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer prove to be a key that transitions the offense towards the KC way despite being fired for the same approach many laud?

In today's article for About.com, I look at the facts behind the narrative. Were the Royals a good offense? Or were they just lucky to get to the playoffs where any number of random possibilities can occur?

Please give the article a read and feel free to tell me how I'm wrong. I won't cry. Much.

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