Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Top 30: Wisler & Paroubeck's ranking

Small update on my Top 30 Prospects in the wake of yesterday's trade, which threw another wrench into what was completed a few weeks ago. Both players would slide into my Top 30, which pushes Victor Reyes and Wes Parsons out for right now (they may return in the midseason version).

I knew from the get-go that Matt Wisler would be in my Top 5, but where? My current Top 5 is Jose Peraza, Lucas Sims, Max Fried, Michael Foltynewicz, and Rio Ruiz. I grade Wisler as a B+ prospect and I'll put him second, pushing Sims back one. Peraza remains my only A- prospect, so he'll stave off the challenge and stick at the top.

As for Jordan Paroubeck, he's much more raw. However, he's a very intriguing prospect so I have him as a C+ guy right now, which covers #12 to #21. I'll place him #21 for right now, right behind Jace Peterson and in front of Johan Camargo. He has the potential, however, to jump into the Top 20 quickly and even higher. I'm trying to keep my optimism about him limited because of how young and raw he is. Chances of bust with a player like that are significantly higher than normal. Nevertheless, it's hard not to dream about how good he could be.

By midseason, we'll see the addition of a lot of draft prospects so as deep as the system is now, it has a chance to be flowing with high-end talent very shortly.

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