Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Couple of Links Concerning Stats and Bethancourt

This blog has suffered due to some end-of-semester work and so has my work at About, but that should change as I get back into a regular schedule. In the mean time, I posted a pair of columns today at About so please give them both a click and read.

Stats Saturday for May 9

In the first of what should be a weekly column, I looked at a few interesting stats for the Braves this season. This includes Andrelton Simmons and his interesting plate discipline, Williams Perez robust ERA, are pitchers pitching around Freddie Freeman, Eric Stults and his odd relationship with walks and homers, and other topics.

Why Christian Bethancourt Should Start
It's understandable why A.J. Pierzynski took Christian Bethancourt's job, but maybe it's time to return the starting gig to C-Beth. Why? He has to learn some time, doesn't he? And really, just how long can we expect A.J. to keep hitting?

Thanks for your continued reading. Tomorrow, the latest addition to Random Prospect Sunday will be posted.

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