Saturday, July 4, 2015

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I've been blogging at About.com since January about our favorite team. I missed some action because of a bad storm that knocked out my internet, but I've been getting back into the swing of things at the other blog. I think a good usage of Saturday here at WOW is to bring light to this week's articles that you may have missed at About.com.

Atlanta Braves Enter July Looking Like Sellers

Many may disagree this idea with how close the Braves are in the NL East, but this is a flawed team with too much to fix in my view. I look at in this article several different players that might bring back a prospect or two such as A.J. Pierzynski, Jonny Gomes, Juan Uribe, and even Jason Grilli. Veterans with value in the right circumstance.

Jace Peterson: A (Nearly) Midseason Review

Who knew what the Braves were getting in Jace Peterson? So far, the results have been pretty good - though Jace is struggling of late. Is Peterson a long-term option at second? I'm being won over to the idea that there is a chance he could be.

All-Star Possibilities for the Braves

I looked at each position for the chances that there may be an All-Star on the team. Freddie Freeman certainly had a chance, but right now, I think the only two Braves with an argument are Grilli and Shelby Miller. For the record, I have not - nor will I - vote in the All-Star Game. Sorry, but the system as currently constructed frustrates me greatly.

Braves Sign Two Major International Prospects

If you missed Thursday's news, Atlanta jumped deep into the international signing period and came away with two of the top prospects out of the Dominican Republic. To do so and avoid penalties, the team had to orchestrate three different trades. In this article, I looked at some basic details involving the signing period, the two players the Braves signed, and some of what's it come. If you don't know the name of Kevin Maitan, you might want to.

The Game That Wouldn't End

July 4, 1985 is known for many things, but in Atlanta, it may be best known for the night that residents were concerned that the Soviets were bombing Atlanta. After a marathon game that included numerous rain delays and a pair of two-out, two-strike, extra-innings game-tying homeruns by the Braves, Atlanta would eventually fall in 19 innings. Rick Camp joined a select group including Bill Buckner and Bernie Carbo for being more known for one game than their entire career.

Saturday Stats Pack for July 4th

In a regular column, I looked at a number of observations and stats involving the Braves, including how many players that have been utilized this year, Pedro Ciriaco and Nick Markakis's dueling streaks, Jake Brigham's road to the majors, and Chris Johnson's utter suckage.

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